Safety period

21 days.

Method of use

Through drip lines.

Soil preparation
  • Remove previous crop.
  • Ploughing depth: 35-40 cm (disk harrows/shanks), surface tilling (rotovator).
  • Prepare the ridges or raised beds (in specific cases).
  • In sandy soils, opening the soil with blades is recommended.
  • Distribute the drip lines on the beds or crop lines (localised treatment); in the case of very sandy soils, lay out a double drip line (in the case of all-terrain treatment, lay out the lines 35-50 cm apart).
  • Test the drippers with a short irrigation.
  • Seal the soil with polyethylene film.
  • Short irrigations during 3-4 days, 50-60% soil humidity without undoing the ridges or raised beds (donÕt water on the day before the application), (in hydroponic cultivation: keep the soil humid, make sure that the wrapping plastic is in good condition and check the soilÕs saturation point.)
Post-treatment tasks
  • The sealing film must be exposed at least for 12-14 days from the treatment date.
  • When the sealing film is used as mulch, after 12-14 days it must be perforated to aerate the soil making the holes coincide with the location of the plants
  • 2-3 irrigations before seeding or planting are recommended. In the last irrigation, open the ends of the drip lines.
In localised treatment over beds or crop lines, the applied dose shall be in gr. /m2 of actual area.