Safety period

21 days.

Method of use

Mechanised injection.

Soil preparation
  • Pull up and remove previous crop.
  • Cross-tilling depth: 40-50 cm for herbaceous crops, 60-80 cm (mole drains) for trees.
  • Soil humidity must be approximately 50 %
  • Treatment can be all-terrain, in alternating strips, or localised over the crop line.
Post-treatment tasks
  • The exposure time of the films (time for the product to be active), is approximately 12-14 days
  • In all-terrain treatments, once the films are removed, cross-till with shanks or cultivator to aerate the soil. In localised treatments, only the treated strip shall be tilled
In localised treatment over beds or crop lines, the applied dose shall be in gr.\ /m2 of actual area.