AQL Agroquímicos de Levante

Policy on Quality, Environmental Proteccion, the Prevention of Serious Accidents and Occupational Health & Safety

The Management of AGROQUÍMICOS DE LEVANTE, S.A. and NEW COMMANDER, S.L. aware of their responsibilities towards their clients, respect for the environment and the prevention of accidents and occupational risks, have established a Safety Management System within the organization for the Prevention of Serious Accidents, together with an Occupational Health & Safety Plan, and have implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in line with the following requirements:

UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements"

UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 "nvironmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use"

For the design, production and marketing of agrochemical products and soil disinfectants.

The corporate mission of AGROQUÍMICOS DE LEVANTE, S.A. / NEW COMMANDER, S.L. is the design, manufacture and marketing of agrochemical products and “non-persistent” soil disinfectants, under the established principles for the prevention of contamination, comfort, ergonomics, wellbeing, prevention of accidents and occupational health & safety, with a clear emphasis on the needs of the client, under the criteria of quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation, with the objective of promoting their use at a national and international level, on the basis of a commitment to society, the environment, the personal development of their employees and maximum collaboration with their suppliers.

All personnel at AGROQUÍMICOS DE LEVANTE, S.A. / NEW COMMANDER, S.L., are committed to working in accordance with the requirements of our established Management Systems, developing and tailoring our services and processes to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. Constant improvements in Quality combined with full respect for the Environment, together with procedures designed to ensure the Prevention of Serious Accidents and the Occupational Health & Safety of our employees are an objective and responsibility for all members of staff within the organization.

To achieve these objectives, we start out from the following principles:

  • Improving our capacity to meet the needs and requirements of our of Clients through our wide understanding of the sector, of the product we manufacture and the demands of field application, via specialist advice and the use of state of the art technology, ensuring a high level of professionalism among the company collaborators, offering swift response and flexible personalized solutions.
  • Always being competitive through optimizing the management of production, quality and service.
  • Complying with all applicable legislation and regulations at our installations, in relation to working procedures and environmental and health & safety issues, as well as ensuring the protection of the environment as a whole including the prevention of contamination, together with a commitment to protection against accidents, injury and health problems and all other requirements established by the Organization.
  • Promoting the human factor through improved communication, training and teamwork.
  • All accidents can be either avoided or reduced and all personnel are responsible for preventing and averting risk situations at work: Promoting a prevention culture.
  • Assigning duties and responsibilities. Providing the planned training and updated information necessary to cover the needs of quality, environmental and safety management tasks. Developing an efficient management system involving the participation of staff and the inclusion of their suggestions based on individual knowledge and experience
  • Systematically identifying the existing risks which may lead to serious accidents, adopting and applying risk assessment procedures and the appropriate prevention and protection measures.
  • Applying and implementing efficient procedures and operational instructions to ensure that activity proceeds under safe conditions, specifying periodic halts and maintenance checks, in order to plan installation modifications and identify possible emergencies and their corresponding actions.
  • Actively combating accidents at work and communicating and fully investigating all accidents and incidents which occur either to individuals or materials, taking the necessary measures to prevent their repetition.
  • Adopting measures designed to continually improve the efficiency of the system and the prevention of contamination, serious accidents, lapses in quality and occupational health & safety, together with improvements to working conditions according to the current opportunities available to the company.

The Management of AGROQUÍMICOS DE LEVANTE, S.A. / NEW COMMANDER, S.L., is fully committed to the appropriate implementation and updating of this Policy, at all levels and positions within the company, as well as providing the material and human resources for the execution of the programs and planning and the achievement of their goals and objectives.

This Policy, together with our knowledge and experience, are available to clients, associates, suppliers, employees, subcontractors and neighbours, in order to promote successful results based on both our own directives and the wishes and demands of all other interested parties.

Signed: The Management AGROQUÍMICOS DE LEVANTE, S.A.

Signed: The Management NEWCOMMANDER, S.L.

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