AQL Agroquímicos de Levante

Experts in soil disinfection since 1985.

Agroquímicos de Levante was created in 1985 as a company that offers solutions for soil disinfection. In the beginning, the company’s activities focussed on the import, distribution and application of methyl bromide. Between 1995 and 2000, Agroquímicos de Levante became a leading company in Spain, with an 80% market share, and rose to the second position in Europe.

Evolution with the market

n the year 2000, the company launched AGROCELHONE, an environment-friendly product with similar characteristics on efficacy to methyl bromide. This was a great achievement for the industry that earned the company international recognition endorsing the product.

Steady growth

Its effectiveness in different crops paid off, reaching a volume of 4,200 MT in 2015.

Project Title

International Presence

Today, AGROCELHONE is registered in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Australia, and New Zeeland, .... Soon Nicaragua, China, Vietnam, Senegal and Jordan will be added to the list.

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